Can I use Quickbooks?

We work with Quickbooks Online and Quickbooks Desktop through a remote sharing app. We can help with initial setup and training as well.

Can I use Xero?

We work with Xero and can even help you set it up and learn to get the most out of your software.

What states do you cover?

Synergeant is a cloud-based bookkeeping firm. This means we service businesses anywhere in the United States.

Is there an annual contract?

We don’t lock clients into annual contracts. We feel the service speaks for itself and clients should stay because Synergeant adds value.

Is it a problem if I’m not tech savvy?

Not a problem at all. Synergeant takes care of the tech side and gives you the data you need to be successful.
It’s all about allowing you to get back to your business.

Do you prepare taxes?

Synergeant is not a tax firm; however, we can recommend several tax experts who will take great care of you.
…And because your books are being expertly maintained, you’re all set to go.

Do you provide payroll?

We’re prepared to take care of you and your employees with our world-class payroll system.

Do you take security seriously?

Absolutely. Synergeant takes security very seriously and rigorously screens all employees including multiple interviews and criminal background checks. You can feel security with Synergeant on your team.

Do you outsource your bookkeeping?

Synergeant is based in Magnolia, right outside of Houston, TX, which is where the magic happens. All your bookkeeping is done in-house by our experts where we can ensure the highest quality standards. Your records and data is never sent overseas – and never will.

Do I lose access to my stuff?

Collaboration is what we’re all about. You delegate access to your account to us, but you are completely in control. You can log in any time from anywhere and see just how your company is doing with your new, real-time financial system.

How do I send you my information?

Part of our EZOnboarding process is to provide you the tools and training you need to send us all your bank statements, receipts, letters from the government, etc. It’s super easy.

Do you grow with my business?

At Synergeant, your growth is our goal. That means our system is designed to support you as your bookkeeping needs evolve. We’ll stay one step ahead of those changes to ensure you always get the support you need.

Is there a fee if I need support?

Nope, that is what makes us unique. We love to talk to our clients and we know running a business can easily bring up more questions than answers. That’s why Synergeant is here to answer questions whenever you need us.

Get Answers

We have a dedicated team to help you get the answers you need, right away. Feel free to search through our F.A.Q. or contact us via email. We also have an online support desk where you’ll be assigned an accounting problem solver.