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"I would highly recommend to work with Tom if you are a business owner who wants to be on top of his game and be able to make business decisions fast and based on precise, cloud based accounting.
This same technology allows you connectivity and better, faster communication between your systems and utilize 1 person/company, instead of multiple ones for your business financial needs. If you are new to business, he will guide you along the way so you can acquire the necessary knowledge to understand your numbers and make sound decisions. Make sure to schedule a consultation with Tom to find out how Synergeant can contribute to your productivity and business growth."
I am very impressed with Tom's depth of knowledge and the speed he makes information available to his clients. Information is power and in business it's vital. His utilization of modern technology will make your life a whole lot easier, freeing up time so you can focus building your business.

Edit FarisOwner, Powerhouse Coaching & Consulting

“We had Synergeant come in after concerns with our current bookkeeping service were raised. In short order they found several inconsistencies in our books, and made us aware of their findings, which confirmed our concerns. Additionally, they were able to immediately navigate our ERP system and identify areas where the ERP was not communicating properly with QuickBooks and then provided us with a solution for that as well.
As a small business, it is crucial not only that the numbers match, but that we know why they match. One of the things that I feel sets Synergeant apart from other bookkeeping services is that they care about our business as much as we do and want to know WHY the numbers match, not just THAT they match. Their insight is helping us fully understand the numbers in our business which will in turn help us grow our business.
If you want a firm you can depend on to take care of your books, look no further… If you are reading this review then you have already found Synergeant!”

Mike ShafferOwner, Monarch Sign & Graphics

In 2015 my husband and I had a vision for us to become small business owners of a business we had absolutely no prior experience in. We were full of ideas and desires but drew blanks on numerous areas of how to make this vision a working reality. Most of the areas of concern dealt with the behind the scene stuff of book keeping, logistics, taxes, etc. the vital important components of having a successful business. I especially would become overwhelmed when thinking about all of those have to's. It was during one of those frustrating times of not knowing what to do and sharing that with my insurance agent that Tom was referred to me by my agent. Upon meeting Tom and sharing my vision with him, my ideas and desires for what I wanted for our business and after exposing my overwhelming utter confusion of how to do what I needed to have done for our business to operate properly Tom simply smiled and replied " I got you covered." And that is exactly what Synergeant has done for me, taken care of all the behind the scenes vitally important items that will allow our business to succeed. No matter what questions I have, concerns, needs, Synergeant has taken care of them. As I am not a detail oriented person I appreciate knowing that Synergeant is looking out for the well being of our business and guiding me along the way ensuring that I continue to grow and prosper. Looking to 2017 I feel more confident that our business has the tools it needs through the expertise and professional services provided by Synergeant.

Celeste ShawOwner, DDC’s Whatcha Need N More

Tom with Synergeant has helped my business tremendously!! He is always responsive and provides great customer support. He invested his personal time to learn our legal file management software, which in turn, has assisted the firm to more effectively use all aspects of that system! Signing up with Synergeant was one of the best business decisions I’ve made!!

David MurphyThe Law Offices of Murphy & Associates, PLLC