Synergeant was founded in 2015 by a new generation of accountants with one core objective; Give small business owners the financial tools they need to grow and succeed.

For many growing businesses and start-up companies, the relationship between the business owner and the accountant is broken. A tax return is nice (and required), but what these businesses truly need are the tools to keep them ahead of the game in a highly competitive global economy. But staffing a full time accounting department isn’t realistic for most small businesses. It doesn’t take long before the daily rigors of the accounting back office begin to eat into their time, and passion for the very thing they went into business for.
With decades of corporate experience we have a firm grasp of what an accounting team should do to help the company grow. Fortune 500 companies all have strong and well-staffed accounting departments analyzing the numbers, collecting payments, paying vendors and establishing all the necessary processes and procedures to keep the company running. The also provide critical metrics and data that management uses to grow such as profit margins, cost of goods sold, return on investments, business plans, risk analysis and much, much more.
With the emergence of cloud technologies, the opportunity looked just right to disrupt the accounting landscape and begin turning the industry on its head. By combining the right cloud-based technologies, backed by decades of fortune 500 accounting system experience, the team at Synergeant has unlocked the power of corporate accounting systems for small business at a fraction of the price. From simple, yet time-consuming tasks such as paying bills, submitting employee reimbursements and processing payroll to the more complicated budgeting and forecasting. And by outsourcing the job, the services easily scale with your business.
So now that the system exists, it was time to put it to work but what we found was a lack of resources for small business owners to utilize. In fact, most business owners had numerous pain points that were preventing them from growing their businesses and much of it stemmed from a lack of support from the accounting profession. Simple questions such as “how do I pay myself?” or “should I invest in a new truck?” went unanswered because the industry just wasn’t prepared to work with small businesses. Synergeant set out to provide advisory services to our clients by opening dialogue, coming up with relevant goals, and really dedicating ourselves to the success of that business.
At Synergeant, we’re obsessively client-centric. We don’t just provide great service, but we also go the extra step of helping you understand what the numbers mean. Only 51% of small businesses make it past their fifth year, which we find completely unacceptable. Our mission is to ensure the success of every small business owner who wants to provide the financial wealth and freedom for themselves and their family. We want 100% of our clients to make it well beyond their fifth year and to thrive and grow. Our platform gives business owners the insights they need to make smart financial decisions today for a better tomorrow.
Because small businesses comprise most of the United States economy, Synergeant also supports the local charities that support those communities, families and lives that they touch. As such, we donate a portion of our profits every quarter to Love Fosters Hope which has dedicated themselves to building communities where it starts…. family.
Contact us today so we can show you how Synergeant can work for you.